Miri Regev
Miri RegevFlash 90

Miri Regev's first decision as newly appointed Minister of Culture and Sport is to move the ministry's headquarters from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Sworn in on Thursday, Regev has already approached the Finance Ministry to help her locate an office building in the capital, enabling a move away from the official headquarters on HaMasger Street in Tel Aviv. 

According to Yediot Aharonot, an office exchange ceremony being held on Sunday will not take place at the office of outgoing Minister Limor Livnat in Tel Aviv, but at a branch of the Culture Ministry in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. 

While the Culture and Sports Ministry has branches in both Sheikh Jarrah and Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, the scope of activity in those offices is relatively low.

As such, Regev now intends to move all operations and offices to the capital. One reason, Yediot suggested, for the accelerated move is the fact that the ministry deals with national issues such as symbols and ceremonies and would be better managed from the capital.

Regev's appointment as Minister of Culture and Sports has already faced a severe backlash, particularly from the artistic community, which is mostly leftist, and centralized in Tel Aviv. 

Regev responded with no-nonsense to the criticism. While noting she was sorry to hear about the anger at her appointment, she stated bluntly, "he who expects us to be tolerant, should also be tolerant himself."

In addition to moving the ministry's offices to Jerusalem and becoming more acquainted with the job, Regev told Yediot on Thursday that her next step will be to prevent the Palestinian Authority's move to have Israel removed from FIFA, the international soccer association.