Yachimovich Offers Praise for the New Government
Yachimovich Offers Praise for the New Government

MK Shelly Yachimovich (Zionist Union) wrote a surprising letter to her supporters today (Saturday), complimenting the new government.

In her letter, Yachimovich said that despite her party's efforts to take down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, Zionist Union will support its social measures.

"The government's political priorities are shocking. It's right-wing, paranoid, contentious, and alienates the world. It supports a stagnated ideology. Its principles do not contain a single word of policy. And others meanings of stagnation, you know, are escalation, hopelessness, and an increasing international isolation. Here, sadly, we have no real influence," she wrote.

At the same time, though, Yachimovich complimented the government's social policies as much better than the previous coalition's: "As far a social and economic priorities, it is a much better government than the previous one. There are several appointed minister who are very good and, to be completely honest, I have much more in common with some of them than I do with many opposition officials."

"If a talented person such as Ya'akov Litzman (UTJ) tells me that one of his primary goals is to provide long-term care insurance for everyone in the country, that is a great feat and there is no way that I would not help. Haim Katz in Welfare, Gila Gamliel with the social folder, Kahlon as Finance, Gafni at the Finance Committee, Shas MKs... We're likely to find ourselves, and we must do so for the Israeli public - voting for their initiatives, reforms, and laws," she concluded.