Residents run from damaged building in Kathmandu after 2nd Nepal earthquake
Residents run from damaged building in Kathmandu after 2nd Nepal earthquakeReuters

As Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he's ready to send the IDF's delegation to Nepal - which just arrived home in Israel - straight back to help deal with this morning's second deadly earthquake if need be, Nepal's Chabad Center in the capital Katmandu is also springing back into action.

In a video uploaded to their Facebook page, the Center's coordinators - Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz and his wife Chani - said they had already made contact with "about 100" Israelis in the area, and were trying to get in contact with a number of other Israeli citizens scattered throughout the country.

Many Israeli backpackers stayed behind to take part in the relief and rescue efforts after last month's initial devastating quake, despite an Israeli government travel advisory telling citizens to avoid the country if possible after chaotic scenes erupted during aid-distribution.

The precise number of dead in Tuesday's earthquake - which measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale - is still unknown, but the Nepalese government has confirmed at least 39 dead and 1,117 injured.

"There are a lot of dead, there are entire villages which are buried under the rubble," Rabbi Lifshitz said, describing the damage wrought to the country, still reeling after April's 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

During the initial and subsequent phases of the relief effort following the previous earthquake, the Chabad Center was speedily converted into a refugee and crisis center, where volunteers took an active part in relief efforts.

Travelers still present in Nepal are advised to stay in a secure place and not venture outside, as further aftershocks are expected.

The Lifshitzs urged any Israelis with friends or relatives they had not got in touch with already to call the Chabad emergency hotline: +977 980 300 2466