Yair Lapid, Yitzhak Herzog, Zehava Galon
Yair Lapid, Yitzhak Herzog, Zehava GalonMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Hours after the outgoing government approved Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's proposal to expand the next government, the Opposition jumped into attack mode. 

"Netanyahu and Bennett against the citizens of Israel - the battle begins," Zionist Union chairman Yitzhak Herzog blasted, specifically attacking Likud's coalition deals and the decision to increase the number of ministers.

"Netanyahu gave 20 million shekels to each and every one of the Jewish Home MKs at your expense. It will be wasted on associates and political needs. This is the first and terrible decision of a failed national government."

"All these [decisions] reminds us that surviving in the house on Balfour Street is much more important to Netanyahu than the public's funds or needs," Herzog added. 

Zionist Union MK Itzik Shmuli was also quick to lash out at the Prime Minister and his outgoing cabinet's decision. 

"After the capitulation which included selling the equality of the burden, and hurting education by giving sovereignty to yeshivas and the settlements, comes the disgraceful decision to expand the government. There is no concern for the people of Israel, just for cronies."

"The government of Israel today accepted a humiliating decision; I have no other words," Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid, whose party was responsible for limiting the government to 18 ministers in the last Knesset, responded. 

"They take money intended for welfare, health, education and security and waste in on political arrangements and jobs for all the guys. It's not just a few million shekels. I can't sell that nonsense. I was the Finance Minister, I know the numbers."

"We will fight this in the Knesset. We will fight this in the High Court. We will fight this in the streets. We will fight it every step of the way," Lapid vowed. "It's incorrect, unjustified and immoral. It's an insulting way to begin the actions of a new government."

Netanyahu's 18-member cabinet unanimously passed the measure, which will be approved should it receive the majority support of 61 MKs in a Knesset-wide vote on Monday.