Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett
Jewish Home party leader Naftali BennettTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Jewish Home chairman and recently appointed Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, assured constituents on Sunday that the Tzohar Law would remain in place despite a new government. 

Taking effect in late 2013, the Tzohar Law changed longstanding rules regarding where a couple could register for marriage licenses, which are processed through local Rabbinates.

Previously, Israeli couples looking to marry were forced to register for licenses with religious councils in their hometowns, but the Tzohar Law enabled couples to register at the municipality of their choice. 

Bennett's Jewish Home party spearheaded the law in the previous Knesset and the chairman included it on a list of the party's achievements, which he published on Facebook Sunday. 

"We passed the Tzohar Law to create competition in the area of marriage registration," Bennett wrote, stressing that the law had been implemented well and would not be changed in the present government. 

Bennett's announcement comes days after rabbis from the Tzohar organization warned that the law would be canceled, amid a slew of other expected governmental repeals stemming from the haredi parties joining the new coalition

"A cancellation or reduction of the law will cause tens of thousands of Israelis to weigh between a halakhic marriage or to try and access civil marriage - it would be a blasphemy unmatched," Rabbi Rafi Feurstein, a member of Tzohar's board, said. 

According to Feurstein, repealing the law would be the "breaking of a remarkable achievement, primarily, a breaking of the trust between young secular Israelis and the world of rabbinic Judaism."