Police stand near terrorists' vehicle in Texas
Police stand near terrorists' vehicle in TexasReuters

Some 100 Pakistanis gathered for a memorial service this week to honor the two Islamic terrorists who attacked a "Draw Mohammed" event in Texas.

The two were killed by an alert traffic policemen armed only with a pistol, whose police car they first shot at. Within 15 seconds, they were both dead – still wearing their body armor, and with their assault rifles lying nearby.

The two terrorists were attempting to get past the policemen in order to attack participants at the event, which they felt was unbearably "anti-Muslim." None of the 200 people at the event was hurt.

Islamic State (ISIS) sources took credit for the attempted attack against the "Draw Mohammed" event.

A Muslim cleric delivered a eulogy at the ceremony in the city of Peshawar, saying, “the exhibition of the blasphemous caricatures was unbearable for Muslims. It was shocking, sad, tragic and intolerable. We have gathered here to pay tribute and to carry out the Islamic rites for the Muslims who tried to stop it and sacrificed their lives, and they will now be called ‘Martyrs for the prophet’s honor.’”

Students at the Ghausia Madrassa – an Islamic school in Pakistan – also demonstrated in honor of the Texas jihadists. They held a banner reading, "We are Here to Acknowledge the Dareness [sic] of our Brothers…Who Embraced Martyrdom to Curb Blasphemy."

It will be recalled that students of the same institution similarly demonstrated to honor the Islamic murderers who attacked the offices of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo four months ago, murdering no fewer than 12 people.

The Clarion Project reports that one of the Texas gunmen, Nadir Soofi, attended an elite high school in Islamabad, where he is remembered as an Elvis-type ladies' man. The other jihadist, Elton Simpson, Soofi's roommate, had pledged loyalty to ISIS.