Students gather packages for refugees
Students gather packages for refugeesIm Tirtzu

The Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum led by Father Gabriel Nadaf,  the Im Tirtzu movement, and Rescuers Without Borders traveled across Israel and visited several college campuses this week to assist Christian refugees fleeing Islamic State (ISIS). 

"It is a dark time in the Middle East, and my heart goes out to the countless victims of our time," Nadaf stated. "Extreme Islamist ideology has taken hold in the Middle East and is their mission to destroy our Christian history, culture and identity."

"Many Christian brethren are with the Lord now, and the others have fled their homes," he continued. "The rest of us pray."

Nadaf announced the project's name as "The Emergency Mission for Christians in the Middle East," with the aim to "provide immediate aid to persecuted and victimized Christians across the Middle East."

"The EMC will supply medical aid kits, humanitarian aid, survival equipment, medical training, volunteers and an emotional support network to help the survival of Christianity in such a dark time in the Middle East," he added. 

"The State of Israel as a Zionist state is undoubtedly the only safe and sane place in the Middle East," Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu, added.  "We as Israelis, have the responsibility to protect and assist the minorities who are suffering from Islamic violent racism where there is no difference between a child, woman, or man."

"What we are doing now with the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum and Rescuers Without Borders is an important Zionist step and and we hope it will make it easier for the victims of the religious war that was forced upon them," he added.