Rescue crews, Nepal
Rescue crews, NepalIDF Spokesperson's office

Eight days after a devastating earthquake killed 7,056 people in Nepal, Israeli rescue teams have reportedly located objects belonging to the last unaccounted-for Israeli, Channel Two said Sunday. 

22 year-old Or Assraf was last seen in the Langtang area on Saturday in the hours before the quake. 

After days of uncertainty, and after his father Patrick flew personally with friends and family to the Kathmandu area to assist in the search, objects from Or's backpack have finally been found, the news agency reports. 

Channel 10 has indicated these include identifying documentation, but did not provide details. 

Several informal news-related Twitter accounts have claimed that Assraf was found dead, but this has not been confirmed in Israeli or foreign media. 

The 0404 news site reports that Assraf's father Patrick, who has been heavily involved in search efforts, is being flown to the site where the objects were found. 

Earlier Sunday, Israeli rescue teams began returning from Nepal, and the Assraf family indicated their optimism is waning. 

The earthquake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale, and was followed by aftershocks measuring 6.7; Nepalese authorities have said they expect the death toll to climb to tens of thousands as teams begin to reach remote villages.

More to follow.