Rachel Nadel and her family
Rachel Nadel and her familyFacebook

How could one Shabbat convince a 12-year-old that she wants to be religious? What would inspire a person want to help students find places to stay for Shabbat throughout Israel?

Rachel Nadel, motivated by the NCSY Shabbaton she experienced as a child, spent her post-high-school year in Israel studying. That year was critical in her spiritual development, but also critical in helping her future vision emerge: she spent most of her time in the dorms of her women's yeshiva, and didn't get to meet families living in Israel.

Now raising her large family in Kochav HaShachar, Rachel and her husband run a totally voluntary organization called "Anywhere in Israel." They set up post-high-school students studying in Israel for Shabbat with religious families living all over Israel. What began as a small project has turned into a huge success, with thousands of students having incredible Shabbat experiences each month.

What happened to the girls who went to the wrong family for Shabbat? What happened to the Israeli soldier who had never been at a Shabbat table? What happened to the multi-lingual guest that spent each Shabbat meal speaking a different language?

Tune in to find out, and to meet an incredibly energetic and inspiring woman, as she shares her enthusiasm in bringing this nation together as one, one Shabbat at a time!

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