The IDF has uploaded a new video giving a first-hand view of its massive efforts in Nepal to locate and evacuate stranded Israeli tourists to its field hospital outside of Kathmandu for treatment prior to returning to Israel, as well as its efforts at the hospital to treat Nepalese wounded by the earthquake disaster last Saturday.

At the start of the video an IDF team is seen asking a European tourist at a tent camp if she had seen any Israelis, to which she answered she had seen two Israeli boys and one girl.

"Your parents were all in touch with us," a soldier is seen telling the Israeli tourists after they were located, before one flashes his cell phone at him - evidently with correspondence with his parents on it, at which point the soldier affectionately grabs him in a headlock before planting a kiss on the top of his head.

Then another Israel tourist is seen calling home on his cell phone, saying, "how are you all, okay? Mom? You pressed a button. The army has evacuated us now, and we're on our way to Kathmandu on a bus with guys here in (IDF) uniforms, it's just amazing. It's crazy what's happening here. The whole army is here."

"Everything is okay, they said they would take care of it, they said they would take care of me," he added, apparently talking about his transport back to Israel. "I miss you guys and love you, and there's a high chance I'll be getting home now."

The video, in Hebrew, can be seen below.

In the bus to the field hospital the Israeli tourists are seen sitting together, with one recalling, "we got there and sat down, the quake started and we ran the rest of the path, basically we avoided the rocks that fell."

Upon arriving at the field hospital, IDF doctors can be seen telling the tourists they will perform a "general check just to make sure everything's okay," before taking their pulses and temperatures.

Captain Guy Walkovich, commander of the rescue unit, said, "we received a mission to bring the Israelis home 24 hours ago from Trisuli.

"We succeeded in bringing the Israelis today safe and sound, they received medical treatment and an excellent reception here, and it's a great pride for us," added the captain.

The video then proceeds to show the large-scale treatment being provided to Nepalese wounded in the disaster at the IDF field hospital, with victims of the quake being flown in by Nepalese army helicopters.

A sheet on the wall of the hospital was also shown, listing common expressions in Hebrew and Nepali, with the video ending showing the IDF team holding a morning flag raising ceremony while singing the Israeli national anthem Hatikva.