Nepalese man thanks Israel
Nepalese man thanks IsraelScreenshot

The IDF search and rescue team deployed to Nepal has been busy saving stranded Israelis, and digging wounded locals out of the rubble and providing them with medical care.

One Nepalese man, who first went to work in Israel ten years ago and returned just around a year ago, gave his heartfelt thanks for the efforts of the Jewish state, speaking in Hebrew in a clip released by the IDF Spokesperson Unit on Thursday.

"Israel is a country like my father, it takes care of me and loves me, the people are all good," he said in fluent Hebrew.

Recalling the massive earthquake last Saturday, he said, "I thought we're all dead." His mother broke her leg in the disaster, and he was unable to take her to the local hospitals because there was simply no room given the large numbers of wounded.

After hearing an Israeli team was being sent to help, he said, "I felt 'Israel is helping us, we'll be okay then,' that's how I feel."

"I came here today very happy, and my mother's leg is okay," the man added. "I can say to all of the IDF, all of the people here who came to help, thank you very much."

In the video he can then be seen speaking to an Israeli doctor about his mother's leg, before telling another doctor as he bandages her leg how he worked in Tel Aviv and later in Netanya, noting it was "excellent" in Israel.

The message, in Hebrew, can be seen below.