IDF sets up field hospital in Nepal
IDF sets up field hospital in NepalIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal five days ago, Israeli airline El Al joined efforts to bring home Israeli tourists trapped in disaster-stricken areas. 

But the request to return home early did not go quite so easily for one Israeli tourist stuck in Kathmandu, Channel Ten reported. 

Yuval Buskila was scheduled to return to Israel in June, but after the earthquake wished to move up her flight. Her mother, Etti Buskila, called a travel agency and asked to have Buskila put on a flight Saturday night. 

But despite promises from El Al's CEO that the company would not charge Israeli citizens desiring to return home after the disaster extra payments, the agency informed Buskila her daughter would have to pay an additional $1,180 to get home. 

According to the travel agency, the Israeli airline explained the additional charges as a result of the great demand for tickets for early flights, even though it is unusual circumstances. 

After the story was published on a night show Wednesday, El Al quickly called back and said they had found a solution. "A representative called me and told told me - 'we're bringing Yuval home on May 2' and sent me a ticket via email," Etti said. 

A request for comments about the gaffe from El Al only yielded the response that Israelis who wish to return home early from Nepal would not be charged additional flight costs.