Rivlin (2nd L) and Lifschitz children
Rivlin (2nd L) and Lifschitz childrenMark Neyman (GPO)

President Reuven Rivlin hosted at the President's Residence in Jerusalem the children of the Chani and Rabbi Hezki Lifshitz, the Chabad emissaries based in Nepal, Wednesday afternoon. 

With their parents still in Nepal assisting with the recovery efforts, the children - Shmuel, Rivki, & Yitzhak, aged between four and six - arrived at the President's Residence with their grandmother Yehudit Fleischman, and their Nepalese care provider Lolita, who lives with the family at the Chabad house in Katmandu.

The President warmly welcomed the children and soon delved into his desk drawer for a box of chocolates which he distributed amongst his guests. 

The President heard from them about their experience over the recent days since the devastating earthquake, and their subsequent arrival in Israel. 

The children told the President that they were set to attend schools and kindergartens in Israel from tomorrow, until the rescue efforts were nearer completion and they were able to return safely.

During their visit, the President telephoned their parents in Nepal.  In an emotional conversation, the President told them, "The work you are doing for the whole world, and of course for the Israelis in Nepal, is extraordinary, from a Jewish, Israeli, and universal perspective.  The way in which you open your home and give others a sense of home in times of need is tremendous."

Chani and Rabbi Hezki thanked the President for his warm words, and reassured him, "We are all well, and so pleased to be able to reach out a helping hand to those in need. This is our mission." Later Wednesday, they reported that they had saved 25 hikers in one day. 

The President handed the phone to their daughter Rivki, who, in a touching moment, asked her mother when they were coming home.  Chani replied, "Soon, there are still many people we need to help.  We miss you very much, and we'll see you soon."

The President added, "Just as you open your home to the whole world, we are delighted to open our home to your children.  We will look after them, and through them extend to you our thanks."

After they met with the President, the children had a tour of the President's Residence.

The Kathmandu Chabad house has been the epicenter for rescue operations for Israelis since Saturday's devastating earthquake - Nepal's worst in 81 years. 

229 Israelis have been brought home over the past several days, but one - 22 year-old Or Assaraf - remains unaccounted for