R' Hezki Lifschitz saving lives in Nepal
R' Hezki Lifschitz saving lives in NepalLifschitz family

The Chabad envoy in Kathmandu, Rabbi Hezki Lifshitz, is still rescuing stranded hikers in Nepal, he told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday. 

"By the grace of God we were able to rescue 25 people," he said. "They are exhausted from days on end being trapped in the wilderness." 

He said that all of them were brought to the Chabad House and received a hot meal, warm clothing and other equipment. 

"Everyone here is going to stay with us tonight," he added.

The Kathmandu Chabad house has been the epicenter for rescue operations for Israelis since Saturday's devastating earthquake - Nepal's worst in 81 years. 

229 Israelis have been brought home over the past several days, but one - 22 year-old Or Assaraf - remains unaccounted for