IDF sets up field hospital in Nepal
IDF sets up field hospital in NepalIDF Spokespersons Division

The IDF rescue team dispatched to Nepal to aid in earthquake disaster relief efforts opened the gates to its field hospital on Wednesday morning, where it will work to mend the wounded from Saturday's massive lethal earthquake.

Israel's field hospital will provide medical treatment to roughly 200 patients a day streaming in from the rubble-strewn streets of Nepal and other local hospitals.

The hospital relies on a completely independent infrastructure, including 50 tons of medical equipment, and is to encompass a variety of medical departments staffed by 125 professional and experienced Israeli medical experts.

Meanwhile the rescue team of the Harel insurance company succeeded on Wednesday morning in rescuing ten Israeli tourists who were stranded in the Langtang area near the frozen lakes region of Nepal.

The ten are being transferred to a local military base, and from there will be flown home to Israel.

Israel's Foreign Ministry announced that six Israeli tourists remain unaccounted for, being defined as "out of contact." Thirty Israelis are still stranded in areas struck by the quake, 17 of them in the Langtang region and ten at Mount Everest.

As of now, the death toll from the major earthquake stands at 5,006 people, although that number is likely to continue rising as more bodies are dug out of the rubble.

The Nepalese interior ministry estimates that there are thousands more dead who have not yet been reported.