IDF on Golan Heights (file)
IDF on Golan Heights (file)Flash 90

IDF forces on Sunday night eliminated a terrorist cell as it was trying to place an explosive on the Israeli-Syrian border on the Golan Heights.

Reportedly four terrorists were killed in the incident; no IDF soldiers were wounded in the exchange.

A senior IDF source said that an army surveillance patrol located the terrorists who had arrived at the border from Syria, and tracked them as they advanced.

When they reached the border and placed an explosive on it, IAF aircraft fired missiles at them, taking out every single terrorist member of the cell.

The IDF reports that the incident took place on Israeli territory just east of the security barrier.

The last security incident involving an attempted border bombing similar to this one took place last March, when an explosive was placed on the border. As a result of the explosion, an IDF paratrooper officer was critically wounded.

Earlier on Sunday Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) warned that Israel will strike Iranian attempts to smuggle advanced weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon, following Arab reports that an IAF airstrike the day before took out a Scud missile depot in Syria transferring weapons to Hezbollah.

According to the reports in Arabic media, a Scud depot in the Qalamoun mountain region rife with smuggling to Hezbollah was targeted, after a weapons convoy was hit last Wednesday.

"Iran continues to try and arm Hezbollah, even in these very days, and it hopes to equip the Lebanese terrorist organization with advanced and precise weapons," said Ya'alon. "We won't allow Iran and Hezbollah to establish a terrorist infrastructure on our border with Syria, and we will know to put our hands on all those who threaten citizens of Israel, along all our borders and even far from them."