Mount Hermon ski slopes (file)
Mount Hermon ski slopes (file)Flash 90

Israel's sole skiing site, Mount Hermon on the northern border, was opened on Friday morning to visitors after an unseasonably large snowfall covered the mountain in several centimeters of white over Thursday night.

Shaul Ohana, manager of the site, told Army Radio on Friday about the surprising snowfall.

"Yesterday a small amount of snow fell, but what surprised me most was that when I arrived at the site early this morning incredible snow was falling, just dry snow that you only see in January," said Ohana. He added, "the site is open to visitors."

The weather on Friday was anticipated to be partially cloudy in various parts of the country but fair, with temperatures continuing to be cooler than is usual for the time of year.

Many Israelis noted the unusual coldness, strong winds and even hail and rain in parts of Jerusalem seen on Thursday for Memorial Day, a holiday that is usually sunny in time for the traditional BBQs frequented by Israelis.

On Friday night the partial cloudiness is anticipated to continue, with visibility somewhat limited towards the morning.

Saturday is to be pleasant, with a noticeable rise in temperatures to more normal levels for the season and a decrease in humidity. Strong northern winds are expected for the coastal region.

The temperatures will continue to rise on Sunday, and in contrast to the cold stretch seen in recent days they are expected to reach a point higher than is regular for the season.

The rising heat will continue further on Monday, with a heat wave expected mostly in the central areas of the country and the mountainous regions.