Jihadist (illustration)
Jihadist (illustration)Thinkstock

Islamic State (ISIS) continues to take it's jihadist terror war online and to the West, with a newly revealed online manual by the group instructing jihadists in the West on how best to conduct attacks.

The 70-page manual - written in fluent English - instructs interested terrorists on creating one or two-man sleeper cells, having them change their names, appearances and mannerisms so as to go undetected and slip past Western security, reports IBN Live.

The guide starts by giving would-be terrorists pointers about how to raise funds for their jihadist attacks. ISIS recommends robbing people through online scams and fraud, writing "if the (shedding of) non-Muslim blood is permitted by scholars, then no doubt (the taking of) their wealth is."

Once the fledgling jihadists have stolen funds, the next step according to the guide is building home-made weapons, including crude bombs and cell phone detonators.

The 10-page section on building improvised bombs teaches how to use jars of nails, pressure cookers, gas canisters and microwave ovens to make lethal explosives, and there is even a description of how to make a car bomb.

The section heaps lavish praise on Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, terrorist brothers who murdered three people and wounded over 200 others in an attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, in which they set a pressure cooker bomb at the finish line.

Along with funds and weapons, one last aspect the guide teaches is the methods of covert operation needed to keep the terrorist attack secret and launch it without attracting attention.

The guide instructs terrorists not to wear Islamic clothing, to take on a westernized name, and wear colored contact lenses to confuse witnesses to the attack.

As part of the covert tactics to cover up the acts of terror, the guide's section on "secret white converts" explains how to manipulate Westerners to use them for alibis, and how to influence people in power.

"Befriend good decent white people who are dissatisfied with their governments, be close to them and offer them support and guidance in life," it suggests. "If these people open up to you, you can decide if you want to tell them about Islam. You will tell them enough information to satisfy what service you require off them, but not more than that."