Likud MKs wasted no time firing back at actress Anat Waxman Monday after she described Likud voters with contempt in a television interview.

MK Miri Regev called Waxman “stuck up and elitist” on Facebook. "Except for calling us mice, she used every possible slur to describe us.”

"I wonder what cheese they let her sniff, that caused her to come out of her hideout and expose her arrogant and racist identity,” Regev added angrily. "We're tired of you people, already. Learn to accept the majority's decision.”

Deputy Environmental Protection Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) blasted Waxman, too, asking rhetorically: "What passes through the mind of a person when he expresses himself in such a vulgar, patronizing and belittling attitude toward another person? Anat Waxman, for instance.” 

"The ideological disagreement with the Left, which is as old as the Zionist movement, never made me and my friends think and behave like some of these people, who call themselves 'people of culture,'” Akunis said. He named a list of leftist artists and writers who have recently lashed out at those whom they perceive as “the great unwashed,” who have taken over the Israel that used to be their own. 

'Verbal violence'

Akunis berated these leftists, who include artist Yair Garbuz, writer Amos Oz, actress Tiki Dayan, lyricist Alona Kimhi, singer-songwriter Aviv Geffen, and Waxman.

"Aren't you tired of your verbal violence? Haven't you tired of the patronizing, the contempt with which you regard huge sectors that do not think like you do? I mean, the most racist and ugly thing is to think that your culture is better than that of someone else's. The nation has spoken, and that's great. Get used to it.”

MK Danny Danon (Likud) said Monday morning that it is “too bad that there are people on the Left who continue to busy themselves with mudslinging, and refuse to accept the nation's decision, which was reached democratically. Likud supporters are loyal to the Land of Israel, body and soul.”

"One out of every four citizens in the state of Israel put 'Mahal' [the Likud's ballot letters – ed.] in the ballot box and selected Likud,” Danon added. “The Likud will continue to lead the nation, in the coming years too, in accordance with the values thanks to which we were elected to lead, and not according to the dreams of people who refuse to burst the bubble they live inside.”

Amos Oz recently told an audience that when he was three years old, he kicked the baby Binyamin Netanyahu in the head, and that he now regrets not having done so harder. Alona Kimhi called right-wing voters "neanderthals" and told them to "drink cyanide" after the election results were known. Geffen used vile language regarding Netanyahu, and Dayan called Likud voters "marketplace rabble" before the 1999 elections.

Waxman reacts

Waxman defended herself Monday without apologizing, saying: “I spoke out of genuine pain. I am the daughter of a Lechi [Jewish underground] fighter who is a disabled IDF veteran, my mother is of Iraqi origin, I am of the tenth generation to a Jerusalem family. Racist – I am not! I worry about my country, and seek a change, like many others.”