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Buenos Aires (file)Flash 90

Argentina has declassified files relating to the 1992 bombing outside the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires that left 29 dead and 200 wounded, according to documents published in local media Thursday.

The government was ordered by the Supreme Court to make the items publicly available, more than two decades after the attack by Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists, reports AFP.

According to the decree published in the Official Bulletin newspaper, the government ordered the "declassification of all intelligence documents and files" relating to the attack.

Victims' families have long demanded the files be released and the court had requested Argentine President Cristina Kirchner to declassify the items.

The case has been closed since the court found in 1999 that members of the Iran-proxy Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah carried out the attack, but no one has ever been convicted. Kirchner had called for it to be reopened.

Last month, the Argentine government declassified its files on an unsolved 1994 bombing at a Buenos Aires Jewish center that killed 85 people and wounded 300, an attack also found to be carried out by Hezbollah even though the case was never officially closed.

The case recently came back into the spotlight 21 years later, after a Jewish prosecutor appointed to reopen the investigation died mysteriously in what his family says was an assassination.

The two attacks devastated Argentina's Jewish population, the largest in Latin America at about 300,000 people.