Eran Nagauker, post-indictment
Eran Nagauker, post-indictmentYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Three days after the staged abduction of 22 year-old Niv Assaraf, the IDF has announced Sunday that they would not extend the career service of his friend and accomplice, Eran Nagauker, according to Walla! News

Nagauker called the Moked 100 police hotline to report Assaraf missing on Thursday, claiming he had entered the hostile Arab village of Beit Anoun to get spare parts due to a flat tire. The call prompted a mass IDF search that cost hundreds of thousands of shekels; Assaraf was later found alive and safe, hiding in a ditch. 

Nagauker serves as a driver in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and is expected to complete his service in the coming weeks. 

A military source said that "the army does not intend to take against criminal or disciplinary actions [against Nagauker] as long as the police investigation continues."

Another security official said that the Defense Ministry will not deal with the question of whether to sue Assaraf for financial compensation for the search during the police investigation as well. 

Police have added that, during the course of the investigation, Assaraf was found to have several large and outstanding debts and that he has suffered huge financial losses through gambling.