Grad hits Netivot (archive)
Grad hits Netivot (archive)Israel news photo: Flash 90

The IDF has updated its worst-case scenarios for the next possible war with the Iran-proxy Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon, according to Army Radio.

The Home Front Command will be sending local authorities its assessments of the numbers of casualties and the degree of damage they can expect in the next conflagration. This is the first time the assessment has been updated since 2007.

IDF experts estimate that the number of missiles to hit northern Israel on a given day would be 1,000-1,500, and the number of people killed daily will be in double or even triple digits.

Army Radio reported that, for example, the relatively small Haifa suburb Kiryat Biyalik can expect to be hit by dozens of missiles per day. Several people will be killed, thousands of homes will be hit, and hundreds of them will suffer medium to heavy damage. Strategic facilities will be targeted.

At the same time, Israel will be striking disproportionately at Lebanon, including its civilian infrastructures.

The job of preparing civilians for a possible war falls on the shoulders of incoming Head of Home Front Command, Maj. Gen Yoel Strik.