Jihadist videos frequently feature masked men making manifestos, as well as burning flags and passports representing their enemies or even home countries. 

But this week, a British man using the platform to preach nationalism and supremacism failed miserably to get his point across, after he attempted to burn a flame-retardant flag - and became a viral sensation for the wrong reasons. 

The Independent reported Saturday that the man may be a white nationalist affiliated with the Bolton North West Infidels (BNWI), a far-right group against “Islamic jihad, the Islamic takeover of parts of the UK, militant Irish republicanism, Zionism, Immigration, EU membership, Multiculturalism, Communism and the militant left (all sic).”

The European Union (EU), he said, aims "to wipe us and our country out," and he called to "get us out now." 

Exclaiming "keep Britain British!", he then attempted to burn an EU flag - only to discover that it is flame-retardant. He then awkwardly tries to light it again on a wooden fence, with laughably minor success. 

The BNWI had initially posted the video, then deleted it. However, it gained viral status after a Facebook group against racism reposted the failed flag-burning; after a separate page entitled "Balaclava Flag Gimp" named the unnamed supremacist a "public figure," several parodies of the incident began going viral as well.