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Rightists may have something to fear after all as Channel Ten reports Monday evening that rumors of a potential unity government between Likud and the Zionist Union (Labor-Hatnua -ed.) are alive and well. 

Associates of the Prime Minister said Monday that Binyamin Netanyahu would not exclude the addition of Yitzhak Herzog and the Zionist Union party to his next government. 

Only Sunday Netanyahu reiterated statements made throughout his election campaign that there was too great an ideological rift between Likud and Zionist Union for any sort of agreement to be reached. 

Now, however, sources close to the Prime Minister say that Netanyahu is not ruling out a unity government, especially as it seems that negotiations with Likud's "natural partners" are facing difficulties. 

Indeed, Likud MKs has been vocal in recent days about their desire to maintain a majority of the top ministerial positions while simultaneously denouncing the "immodest" demands of other parties. 

In response to these rumors, Zionist Union associates estimated that despite the denials from both sides, if in a month there will be an agreement for a unity government, Herzog will succeed in passing the resolution before the party's convention members. 

Meanwhile, a number of Labor party officials have expressed support for joining a coalition led by Netanyahu. 

Perhaps more worried than any other party about a unity government is Jewish Home, who has been warning of such a phenomenon for months, and are also rumored to be dissatisfied with Netanyahu's conduct thus far. 

Party head Naftali Bennett met with Netanyahu on Monday afternoon for preliminary negotiations to forming a right-wing coalition, but sources close to Bennett alleged that "the Prime Minister is playing with us like he did last time."