Yitzhak Herzog, Shelly Yechimovich
Yitzhak Herzog, Shelly YechimovichTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Zionist Union (Labor-Hatnua - ed.) representatives met with Reuven Rivlin Sunday afternoon as part of a series of consultations held by the President to determine who will form the government of the 20th Knesset. 

The Zionist Union was meeting was preceded by a consultation with Likud, in which representatives unequivocally voiced their support for Binyamin Netanyahu. 

As expected, Zionist Union representatives expressed the opinion that party leader Yitzhak Herzog should become prime minister. MK Eitan Cabel made the announcement. 

Repeating remarks he made to the Likud contingency, the President noted to the Zionist Union officials that, "in a democracy the majority decides - and the majority has spoken clearly."

"We accept the democratic decision with a nod and full honor," Rivlin continued. "At the same time, I congratulate you on your achievement during elections." 

"You won the confidence of a large part of the public, and you will have to serve as that public's mouthpiece," Rivlin stressed. 

"Even if you choose to serve as the leadership of the opposition, you will have a complex challenge. You must give voice to those who have not reached a position of leadership," the President explained. 

"At the same time, you must work intelligently when the good of the State of Israel stands before you."