Video: Adi Abekazar

MK Miri Regev (Likud) shot a video of herself at the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai (Rashbi) in Meron on Thursday, in which she sniped at leftist artist Yair Garbuz, who caused a storm of negative protest when he derided those who “prostrate themselves at holy men's tombs,” and who he said have become the majority in Israel.

"I do not feel primitive and I am even proud to kiss mezuzot and pray at tombs of holy men,” she said, calling Garbuz an “elitist who does not respect those who have a bond to Jewish tradition.”

“With God's help we will take action and succeed, for the success of Likud and (Prime Minister Binyamin) Netanyahu,” she told reporters. She added that she also prayed for “those leftist elitists who, at every opportunity, try to humiliate a complete sector in the public that is connected to Jewish tradition.”

At the demonstration held in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, Garbuz declaimed that "they kept telling us and repeating to us that the racists who threaten and curse do not represent Israeli society, they are just a handful. And they said that the thieves who take bribes are just a handful, and the corrupt and piggish pleasure-seekers are no more than a handful."

"And the destroyers of democracy are a handful, and those who think democracy means a dictatorship of the majority – a handful. The kissers of amulets, the idolaters and those who bow and prostrate themselves on the graves of holy men, just a handful. Even the sexual harassers and the rapists are a handful."

"So how is that the handful rules us? How is it that unawares, without being stopped, the handful has turned into a majority?... How is it that the handful is digging the most dangerous of tunnels beneath us – the tunnel of ignorance?” said Garbuz.