Don't count out the “primitive mezuzah kissers” that leftist speakers put down at their rally last Saturday night, Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett said in a new video message.

In the video, Bennett warned leftists like Yair Garboz, who in a speech Saturday night condemned “the thieves and bribe-takers, those who kiss the 'lucky charms' and bow down at the graves of the dead (a reference to visits to the tombs of dead rabbis – ed.),” and the like for “controlling” and “ruining” Israel.

But Garboz and his fellow travelers are likely to be surprised next week, Bennett claimed in the video.

“All of a sudden I realize what these elections are all about,” he said. “Will Israel continue to be a Jewish state? There are two world views here between two elites. There is the old elite, who feel that 'their' state is being stolen away. This is the elite that artists like Garboz belong to, who feels free to stand before tens of thousands of people and sully everything that is holy to the Jewish people.

“Then there is the great and large group that is connected to their Jewish roots,” Bennett said. “They understand that the Land of Israel has belonged to the Jewish people for 3,800 years. I, and others like me, are part of this large group. We love this land, and it hurts us when parts of it are given away."

“I put on tefillin, prayer objects, each day,” Bennett said. “I kiss mezuzot. I, like so many others, get emotional when our daughters sing Israel's national anthem, Hatikvah, in their kindergarten classes. I love our soldiers no matter what, without feeling the need to be 'objective.'"

I guess I must be a primitive fool,” Bennett added. “But we consider even those who insult us our brothers. In these elections, we will decide what kind of country we want. Judaism will win, the 'primitive fools' and 'mezuzah kissers' are going to win. It will be good for everyone.”