Hamas leader Mohammed Deif circa 1990s
Hamas leader Mohammed Deif circa 1990sReuters

The whereabouts and status of top terror commander Mohammed Deif is still under investigation, Hamas's "military wing," the Al-Qassam Brigades stated late Monday night - and revealing more information "could aid the enemy." 

The organization claimed that a great deal of information was being collected over the IDF's assassination attempt on the terrorist during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, and that none of it would be leaked to the press. 

"Interest in managing the investigation of the (attempted) assassination of Mohammed Deif at the current stage requires secrecy with regard to any information related to the subject, and nobody can drag the (Al-Qassam) Brigades into revealing information that could aid the enemy," the statement said, possibly a hint to informants providing information to Israeli intelligence services. 

The Al-Qassam Brigades also said that after each round of fighting with Israel, especially after the last war, there are extensive inquiries underway to learn lessons for the next war. 

It should be noted that Hamas invests heavily in attempts to expose Israel's spy networks in Gaza, apparently with the help of Iran and Hezbollah.

While it is known that an Israeli airstrike during the operation targeted Deif’s home, there have been conflicting reports about his fate. Israeli officials said at one point that Deif was killed in the IAF airstrikes, but Hamas denied this on several occasions.