One of the most important groups of people who attended the AIPAC conference in Washington DC this week was the younger generation - especially those involved in pro-Israel advocacy.

Aaron, a high school student at the prestigious Ramaz School in Manhattan, spoke with Arutz Sheva about how advocacy for Israel is moving to the internet.

"We have organizations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram showing support for Israel and Judaism as a whole," Aaron listed, adding that his group's three social media pages have over 15,000 followers

According to Aaron, social media advocacy is necessary to appeal to youth, particularly high school and college students who have less time to watch or read the news.

"The real front that people are fighting on is social media," Aaron stated, adding though that Israel supporters are facing a losing battle.

The important thing is to "arm our troops," he said, and teach everyone, of any age, how to use social media to advocate for the Jewish state.

Aaron concluded that he came to AIPAC "to show the people of Israel and the world that the alliance between Israel and the United States is still strong," despite media depictions to the contrary.

"The people of America still stand with Israel and the Jewish State," he stressed.