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IDF soldiersFlash 90

Five months after the declared end of the conflict, some 300 IDF soldiers have been declared handicapped as a result of Operation Protective Edge last summer. Nine of the the soldiers will receive 100% compensation and support by the state for the injuries they sustained during the operation, while the rest will receive compensation and support to a lesser degree.

Under Israeli law, soldiers who are injured in the course of battle during a war are entitled to lifelong compensation in the form of monthly stipends, tax breaks on cars and other big-ticket items, and assistance with physical therapy, home health aides, etc.

Soldiers injured during the course of a war are examined by a board of doctors, and approvals are forwarded to the National Insurance Institute, which administers the compensation.

The Defense Ministry said Sunday that the 503 approvals given Sunday constitute the vast majority of open cases left over from the summer war. With that, the Ministry said it was possible that more requests would come in over the coming months.