Muslims dine on Temple Mount (file)
Muslims dine on Temple Mount (file)Reuters

Islamists have inaugurated a new and illegal breakfast buffet on the Temple Mount.

Jewish Temple organizations note that every morning, the Muslims have been laying out a hearty free breakfast buffet, in order to encourage as many Muslims as possible to come to Al Aqsa and oppose the Jewish presence there – a presence which has become more visible in recent years.

The breakfast is served on the inner side of the Western Wall, in breach of express Supreme Court rulings, note the organizations. However, “While authorities rigorously enforce the laws regarding the holy places in the external plaza of the Temple Mount Western Wall, on its inner side, the violations of the law only grow more numerous.”

The High Court decided, following a motion filed in 1993, that Muslims may only dine in the areas of the tree groves on the Temple Mount and not anywhere else. It noted that a person who defiles a holy place is committing a criminal offense, as is anyone who does something that offends the feelings of religious people toward that place.

The Temple groups explained that while Muslims only see the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock as holy – for Jews, the entire Temple Mount is sacred. Muslims sometimes even play football on the Temple Mount, often doing so in a way that is calculated to offend the Jews.

The Temple groups asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to instruct the police to enforce the law on the Mount instead of “violating the rights of Jews for Jordanian interests.”

Under the terms of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty, the Temple Mount remains under Jordanian custodianship through the Waqf authorities, who maintain administrative charge of the site.