Police at the scene of the stabbing in Jerusa
Police at the scene of the stabbing in JerusaYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Despite Sunday's stabbing attack at Tzahal Square in Jerusalem, terror attacks are on the decline, Walla! News revealed Monday. 

Terror attacks in the capital have been less and less frequent since November, according to the daily, and have dipped to a new low since Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. 

In January 2015, there were 18 security incidents in Jerusalem, including rock attacks and Molotov cocktail attacks - compared to 26 in December, 46 in November and 49 in October. 

The numbers are still high, however - in January 2014 there were only 7 such incidents. 

Chart: terror attacks, July-January
Chart: terror attacks, July-JanuaryTova Dvorin/Numbers '09

Terror attacks have also gotten more violent overall, however, with November's massacre at a Har Nof synagogue marking one of the most violent incidents in recent times. That same month, several Jews were stabbed near the city center and in the Old City; a terrorist also drove his car into the Shimon Hatzadik light rail station, killing two people

October was the peak month for terror in Jerusalem, with a jump from 25 attacks in September to 49 that month, and a car rampage at the Ammunition Hill light rail station that killed Chaya Zissel Braun, a 3-month-old baby, and fatally injured a seminary student. 14 pipe bombs were thrown at security forces; shots were fired at civilians in Pisgat Ze'ev. 

Terror is generally decreasing since the operation, as there were a record 152 attacks in July and August (83 and 69, respectively, compared to 11 combined in May and June). Many of the attacks were attributed to the rounds of rioting in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem during the war.