Israir (file)
Israir (file)Moshe Shai/Flash90

A fight between an Israeli family and stewards on an Israir flight between Tel Aviv and Varna, Bulgaria is the work of "the Occupation," according to a Channel 2 reporter. 

The fight, caught on camera by a fellow passenger, took off after an air steward refused to sell a passenger chocolate from the Duty-Free cart, for unknown reasons. 

The passenger, a woman, then flew off the handle - and began screaming at the steward to sell her the chocolate, saying over and over again that she had bought a ticket and thus that the steward works for her, as it were.

As the fight escalated, multiple people then joined in, yelling abusive statements such as "What is she, an Arab? Sell her the chocolate!" and "You're a piece of garbage!".

The steward responded calmly, but told at least one of the assailants that she would not be reaching her destination after the turbulent fight. 

Tzion Nanus, a reporter for Channel 2, blamed the incident on "the Occupation" - claiming that the concept of Israelis being sovereign over 1949 Armistice lines has evolved from a political issue to a culture of thoughtlessness to others. 

"Everyone was shocked this morning from the clip where passengers are attacking a steward on Arkia [sic]," Nanus opined on Twitter, pointing to a racist comment hurled at the steward. "Few noticed the moment when one traveler shouts, 'Let her have the chocolate - what is she, an Arab?', and then continues to curse the stewards." 

"People don't understand that this is the Occupation, that this is how it has treated the Palestinians, and how it is directly connected to the brutalization of society is closing their eyes," he continued. "You cannot take the land for nearly 50 years of a civilian population and remain a model society, a light unto the nations." 

Following media coverage of the incident, Israir released a statement blaming a soaring trend of passenger-on-crew violence in general. 

"The trend of violence by passengers against flight crews has been getting stronger, and was even noted in a report by the ICAO - the International Civil Aviation Organization," Israir said. "Our job is to do everything possible to eradicate the phenomenon, primarily for the safety of passengers and flight equipment."

"The video put on the internet was shot by one of the passengers who shared all experiences that we are working to eradicate," it continued. "Israir is doing and will do everything to ensure security and safety on the highest and most rigorous level."