Tower of David in Jerusalem snowstorm
Tower of David in Jerusalem snowstormNati Shohat/Flash 90

Rain is falling steadily across Israel on Thursday, but the central part of the brewing storm has yet to hit. 

Snowfall has already begun on mountains with high elevations in the Galilee and the Golan in northern Israel, while additional snow is expected to reach hills in the center and Jerusalem by the afternoon. 

It is also expected to rain in the lowlands of the rest of the country on and off all day. 

The rain has already raised the Sea of Galilee by 2.5 centimeters, with its elevation as of Thursday at 212.35 meters below sea level - 66.5 centimeters over the Red Line. 

On Thursday night, snow will also begin to fall on mountains of lower elevation, such as Mount Carmel, where Haifa is situated, as well as significant areas of the Negev Mountains. Snow is even expected to fall in Dimona. 

Snowfall in these areas will continue all night into Friday morning. 

On Friday, rain is expected to fall from the north of the country all the way to the Negev. The rain will be accompanied by individual thunderstorms, and there is fear of flooding. 

Meanwhile, snow will continue to fall on northern mountains, central mountains including Jerusalem, and the Negev Mountains. Low temperatures and high winds are also expected. 

On Saturday, rain will likely fall in both southern and central Israel. A fear of flooding remains, but the rain will gradually fade away and is expected to cease that night. 

Sunday will see a rise in temperatures and a drop in humidity, but will still be unusually cold. 

The Electric Company stated that they are ready to provide full power across the country, but noted that power outages are expected as a result of trees and other objects collapsing on power cables.