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Antiquities (illustrative)qHadas Parush/Flash90

United States donors are giving the Israel Museum a collection of more than 350 artifacts "considered among the most significant private holdings of antiquities in the world," the museum said Wednesday.

It said in a statement that "select objects" from the collection of New York art patrons Robert and Renee Belfer would go on show at the museum in Jerusalem from June, as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

"The Belfer collection features hundreds of ancient Greco-Roman and Near-Eastern glass vessels, recognized as some of the most impressive specimens of their kind, as well as important early examples of Greco-Roman sculpture in bronze, marble, and mosaic," it said.

The collection, which it called "a transformative gift" includes about 300 glass objects dating from around 1400 BC, Greek and Etruscan pottery, and Roman mosaics.

The display - to be called "A Roman Villa" - will show the objects as if they were in the home of a rich and powerful Roman aristocrat, the museum said.

"The exhibition will examine how Rome's elite class decorated their homes with the finest examples of Greco-Roman sculpture and magnificent Hellenistic and Roman glass objects and mosaics to demonstrate their standing in public and social life," it added.

The exhibit will run until November.

AFP contributed to this report.