Technion Tel Aviv campus
Technion Tel Aviv campusTechnion

International MBA for the Start-up Age

For the third year in a row, Israel's prestigious Technion University is opening its doors to the world with its international Start-uP MBA program. Taught entirely in English, the program offers elite students from around the world the opportunity to learn from the Start-up Nation in one of the world's most prestigious universities.

The crown jewel of Israeli higher education and the cornerstone of Israel's tech industries, the Technion is often referred to as the "hard drive" of Israel. It's also earned a reputation as part of hi-tech's equivalent of the Ivy League. The Technion boasts four Nobel Prize laureates within the space of nine years. Technion grads developed the acclaimed life-saving "Iron Dome" missile defense system and the school leads in such fields as Parkinson's disease research.

With the Technion's reputation and history of achievements in both academia and business, the Start-uP MBA takes advantage of both, combining the highest level of classroom education with first-hand experiences in the field with businesses and start-ups to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The program even includes bi-weekly trips around the country to explore Israel and its many attractions. And the entire MBA, tours and field visits included, is completed within a single year, keeping costs down for students and allowing them to take their newly acquired knowledge directly to the real world of business.

The Sarona campus: Where history and innovation intersect

Nestled in the middle of bustling, modern Tel Aviv is Sarona, a 150 year old Templar village turned chic urban getaway. Referred to as the “Tel Aviv of Tomorrow”, Sarona is now being redesigned as a new shopping and cultural center in the heart of the city, including the new Sarona Market pedestrian mall. It also happens to be the location of the Technion’s Start-uP MBA campus.

Like Israel as a whole, Sarona represents the confluence of history and modernity. That theme also reflects the mission of the Start-uP MBA: to combine traditional business school knowledge with the latest tech-age innovation models and start-up business strategies. Along with the 19th century Templar buildings, Sarona and its environs also have modern attractions, including Tel Aviv’s renowned beaches and nightlife.

Teaching success

The Technion’s Start-uP MBA strives for something beyond that offered by other business degree programs. It’s not just about teaching business, it’s about teaching students to succeed in a market that’s changed drastically over the past decade, where 90% of start-ups fail and traditional business techniques are found inadequate and ill-suited to contemporary demands. The Start-uP MBA gives students not only the tools but also the experience, learning in the field from successful businesses. Samuel, an American student in the program explained the importance of these insights and how they affected his outlook. " I am learning the intricacies of how to best manage a business and the leadership skills for operating a huge company or turning an idea into a successful start-up. I look at the dynamic-nature of the program’s structure and the schedule of the courses as a part of the preparation needed for entering the business world ."

But it's not just the diversity of experience offered by the Start-up MBA program that has drawn students from around the world but also the quality of the staff and the courses taught. Class size is kept small, typically around 30 to 40. And the faculty chosen have earned a reputation as engaging and inspiring lecturers, bringing abstract topics to life and conveying to students their shared wealth of knowledge and years of experience.

Seeing is believing

So come join us March 1st for an open house at the Sarona campus and discover what the world’s leading technology and innovation MBA program has to offer!