Rain (file)
Rain (file)Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The latest round of winter rain dumped copious amounts of precipitation on most of northern Israel. The biggest recipient of rain was Nahariya, which received 213 millimeters of rain. The latest round of rain brought the total amount of precipitation in Nahariya to 605 millimeters, which gives the town and the area around it 100% of its annual average rainfall.

But winter is nowhere near over yet – and forecasters on Sunday amended their projections for later in the week, predicting a new major winter storm that will hit the country beginning Wednesday and extend through the weekend. Snow is expected to fall in the higher elevations of the north, and there is – so far - a 30% chance of snow in the Jerusalem area. That is likely to change as the storm develops, but in any event rain will fall over most of the country for several days, with the storm bringing cold temperatures with it.

Other parts of the country are already close to or over their annual rainfall. Haifa, with 561 millimeters since the beginning of winter, is already at 104% of its average, while Beit Dagan is at 111%. Tel Aviv has received 525 millimeters so far, 90% of its annual average, while Jerusalem, with 458 millimeters, is at 85%. Kedumim, with 479 millimeters, is at 74%, and even Be'er Sheva is at 76%, with 148 millimeters.

Most of those communities are expected to reach or surpass their annual average rainfall by the time the season is over, with many of them likely to do so after this week's storm.