Benny Katzover
Benny KatzoverFlash 90

Those who would prefer not to vote than to vote Binyamin Netanyahu to another term as Prime Minister are making a grave error, said Samaria Residents Council head Benny Katzover.

“Unfortunately it is true that there is really no alternative to Netanyahu, so I can understand why some voters are boycotting the election. But those who do so are essentially voting for the left, as well as giving more weight to voter fraud in the Arab sector,” Katsover told Arutz Sheva.

On a visit to the Samaria town of Eli Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urged listeners that the Likud was their best choice if they wanted to ensure the future of their community.

“It's either the Likud or the left and Labor, or by whatever name they call themselves now,” he said. 

Voters need to be realistic about the party on the right that they vote for Netanyahu stressed. 

“You have to go with the party that can reach higher,” he said. “It's not about strengthening the right-wing bloc, but about the size of the party. That will determine who forms the next government.”

That may be true, said Katzover, but that doesn't mean residents of Judea and Samaria are rushing out to vote for him. “It's good that the Prime Minister is finally visiting this area. I am also happy to hear that Benny Begin has rejoined the Likud,” because he has been a strong supporter of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu has not, Katzover admits, been the most proactive leader for the region.

“Other than establishing Ariel University, none of the promises to residents here have been fulfilled,” said Katzover. “Home building is frozen, there is no public building either, and many other things have not gotten done. We in the Samaria Residents Council do not get involved in elections and we do not endorse anyone, but voting is essential,” even for those who are not strong supporters of Netanyahu.