Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettFlash 90

The Chairman of Jewish Home, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, took to Facebook Thursday morning to explain his decision not to attend the Haaretz“Israel Democracy Conference," co-sponsored by the New Israel Fund. 

"Yes, the New Israel Fund, I boycott those who persecute our IDF soldiers," Bennett wrote, "And I do not apologize for it." 

"The people of New Israel Fund, listen carefully: Whoever hurts, slanders, and persecutes soldiers - they are not my brothers." 

The NIF has been shunned by much of the Israeli political and public sectors since it was revealed in 2010 that the radical leftist groups it funds provided over 90% of the Israeli quotes cited in the UN's infamously one-sided Goldstone Report, which accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza.

Fellow Jewish Home MKs, as well as Likud and Shas leaders, have also backed out of the event. 

Bennett also addressed the backlash of personal attacks he has received from both the New Israel Fund and Haaretz, since canceling his participation in the conference. 

They called "this a 'blow to democracy,' 'ignoring the weak,' 'a violation of the rights of minorities,' plus other similar things," Bennett wrote. 

The Jewish Home Chairman made it clear that while he is not afraid of being attacked for his own perspectives, "I despise those who attack our soldiers." 

"I will not attend events sponsored by the NIF. I will never have dialogue with the organization. The truth - I just can't. Whoever attacks the soldiers who protect us is not legitimate. They are not Israeli, in my opinion."

"The NIF works methodically and consistently to attack Israel soldiers," Bennett explained, "accusing them of war crimes, torture of Palestinians, attacks on woman and children, etc. They turn to the UN and other committees hostile to Israel and try their best to convince them that Israel is guilty of war crimes." 

"I repeat: They say that our soldiers - you, me, your friends and families, your children and your friends - are war criminals," Bennet stressed. 

"The New Israel Fund invests its organizations with immense wealth only to harm the IDF soldiers who physically protect us."

"I admit, I'm not objective. I love our soldiers. I am an IDF reserve soldier today and will remain one until my last day. Anyone who is not, is not my brother," he concluded.