Sickening: cartoons revel in bloody attacks
Sickening: cartoons revel in bloody attacksScreenshot/Twitter

As is the norm following such attacks, 23-year-old terrorist Hamza Mohammed Hassan Matruk, a resident of Tulkarem, has been widely praised on social media by Palestinian Arabs and their supporters for carrying this morning's stabbing spree targeting Israeli commuters on the number 40 bus in central Tel Aviv.

But anti-Israel propagandists appear to have fine-tuned their skills to a remarkable degree this time; barely two hours passed since Matruk's bloody rampage, which left more than a dozen people injured, and Palestinian Arab media outlets were already churning out cartoons glorifying the act.

Two images making the rounds so far Wednesday are both drawn by cartoonist Bahaa Yaseen, a prolific anti-Israel caricaturist whose gruesome trademark is the ironic juxtaposition of bloody terrorist attacks carried out by smiling, friendly-looking terrorists.

The first cartoon shows one of his trademark, kefiyyeh-wearing terrorists grinning while holding a knife dripping with blood and joyously celebrating the number of victims in the morning attack (at the time only 10 people were reported injured; that number was later raised to at least 12.)

Less than two hours after the attack, this cartoon was posted online
Less than two hours after the attack, this cartoon was posted onlineScreenshot

In the background, a bus with a Star of David emblem is seen surrounded by a pool of blood, an arm hanging limply from the door. The sign behind him reads "Occupied Tel Arabia".

The second cartoon produced by Yaseen shows a smiling, bloodied dagger posing in front of a blood-stained Israeli flag, with the caption "Good morning Palestine."

Caption reads: "Good morning Palestine"
Caption reads: "Good morning Palestine"Screenshot

Both images have been widely shared on social media.

Yaseen's horrific images gained notoriety in the aftermath of the Har Nof synagogue massacre in November, after which the cartoonist celebrated the slaughter of four unarmed worshippers and a police officer with a macabre scene filled with anti-Semitic motifs and portraying the worshippers as armed combatants.

Yaseen's portrayal of the Har Nof attack
Yaseen's portrayal of the Har Nof attackScreenshot