Terrorist released in 2011 Shalit deal (file)
Terrorist released in 2011 Shalit deal (file)Flash 90

Six terrorists released during the 2011 Gilad Shalit deal and then re-arrested during Operation Protective Edge will remain in prison, the Nazareth District Court ruled Sunday, after petitions for their release were dismissed. 

All six terrorists are Arab residents of Jerusalem who were originally sentenced to life imprisonment for committing serious security offenses.

The six appealed against the decisions of a special parole board which had determined during the course of the summer war that, based on intelligence information, each of the 6 terrorists violated their conditions for the release, including refraining from further terror activity.

The six were arrested as part of the wave of arrests during Operation Brothers' Keeper and the summer war which followed. 

A panel of three judges from the Nazareth District Court rejected the petitions on a majority opinion after finding that the parole board had sufficiently examined the evidence before making its decision and ruling that appeals were unfounded. 

At least 50 terrorists were rearrested during summer 2014.