Sharon Gal
Sharon GalMichael Plotzek

Journalist and radio host Sharon Gal announced on Sunday that he is joining politics and would run for the Knesset with Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party.

Gal, 40, is a veteran journalist who for several years hosted a nightly business news show on Channel 10 and most recently hosted daily shows on Channel 20 and Radio Tel Aviv.

One of his more well-known interviews was the interview with MK Hanin Zoabi on his radio show, in which she said that the Hamas terrorists responsible for kidnapping three Israeli yeshiva students "are not terrorists" and that the kidnapping is a "last resort" for Palestinian Arabs frustrated by their lives. 

He also had harsh criticism for a reported ceasefire deal that was reached between Israel and Hamas at the end of Operation Protective Edge last summer.

"If the reports are true (and I hope they are not) - then I am missing just one little thing in the agreement: What we are getting!" Gal wrote on his Facebook page at the time.

"If it was indeed decided to end the blockade, allow the entry of construction materials into Gaza (under international supervision - which is a joke as we know), increase the fishing range and promise to discuss the seaport next month - then we are being tricked. Prepare for the next round," he added.

On Sunday Liberman welcomed Gal to Yisrael Beytenu and said he was “pleased that as part of a wave of support and additions of quality people to Yisrael Beytenu ahead of the upcoming elections, we have been joined by a talented and a true patriot like Gal, he can contribute significantly to public life and in the legislature.”

Gal explained his decision, saying, "I have never hidden my political views - as a journalist I always believed that putting them on the table and allowing viewers to judge was the right thing to do."

“Yisrael Beytenu led by Avigdor Liberman is a natural home for me, in terms of my world view. I am joining the race with a lot of vigor and energy, determination - no slogans - but with hard and thorough work,” he added.

"I am convinced that the great support and trust I received from the general public in more than 15 years of work in the media, will accompany me well down the road. I thank Mr. Liberman for the opportunity and the trust and am confident that together we can meet the challenges facing the state and the economy," said Gal.

Gal’s joining politics comes a week after Yinon Magal, who has served in the prestigious Sayeret Matkal unit and worked for several major Israeli outlets, announced he was joining politics and would run with the Jewish Home party.