Ambulance (illiustrative)
Ambulance (illiustrative)Flash 90

Magen David Adom teams provided medical care over Wednesday night-Thursday morning to about 500 sick and/or injured people throughout Israel. 

Of those 500 treated, 137 required medical attention as a result of New Year's Eve celebrations and parties.

25 were injured in car accidents - five in moderate condition and 20 suffering only minor injuries. 

24 were injured as a result of violent incidents. These include two in moderate condition. A woman around 54-year-old was hospitalized after being stabbed in Rishon Lezion. 

54 teens and adults were treated after consuming too much alcohol. 

A boy, 15, was found lying at bus station in Holon; he was taken to the hospital semi-conscious. Additionally, a 16-year-old girl suffered hypothermia after falling asleep in an open area near Ganei Tikva. Both cases were related to alcohol. 

23 individuals were hospitalized after fainting. Eight woman going to in to labor were hospitalized as well. 

MDA teams were prepared and on red alert throughout the night for fear of violent incidents and traffic accidents as a result of alcohol consumption - a common occurrence on New Year's Eve.

"Every year MDA prepares in advance and has many people on shift for New Year's in order to give quick responses all over the country," Eli Bin, MDA's Director said Wednesday. 

"I urge the public to act responsibly and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. I would like to wish all members of the general public and MDA staff and quiet and healthy new year."