Moti Yogev
Moti YogevFlash 90

IDF soldiers and National Service volunteers should be given the right to vote in the Jewish Home party primaries on January 14, 2015, according to MK Moti Yogev.

Yogev turned to the party's CEO, Nir Orbach, and the Chairman of the Election Committee for Jewish Home, Shay Natan, as well as the head of the party's election headquarters, Yair Hirsch, asking for the young men and women serving the State of Israel to be given the opportunity to vote from their service bases. 

"Jewish Home has many supporters among soldiers and National Service volunteers who want to vote." Yogev wrote in his letter, "It is likely that some of them will not be able to vote on the party primary day and leave their service for the day." 

Yogev, who says he has recently received many inquiries on the subject, offered a creative solution.

"In light of the inquiries from soldiers and National Service girls, I would like to find a way that would allow many of the soldiers and the volunteers to hold a vote ahead of the primaries and be able to place their ballots at kiosks in Central Bus Stations in Be'er Sheva, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Afula, and Tiberias," he said.

"Soldiers and national service girls should certainly be allowed to vote at kiosks close to their point of service." 

According to a recent census, Jewish Home has become the second-largest party in Israel holding primaries, with over 10,000 new members signing up for this purpose in the past two-three weeks alone.