Hamas terrorist with domestically made M75 rocket
Hamas terrorist with domestically made M75 rocketAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Despite the truce that ended Operation Protective Edge in August, Hamas terrorists in Gaza continue to ramp up preparations for the next war via ongoing rocket tests.

Two rockets were fired from Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday morning as part of the rocket tests, reports the IDF Spokesperson unit. 

Hamas has been running an ongoing array of tests to apparently build back its rocket cache that was depleted during the operation, and expand its range even farther.

Gaza terrorists haven't limited themselves to mere tests either - at least three times since the truce rockets have been fired on Israel in breach of the ceasefire, most recently last Friday.

The attack came a day after Hamas held its largest military exercise since Operation Protective Edge on the ruins of two former Israeli villages - Dugit and Nissanit - in Gaza which were evacuated in the 2005 Disengagement plan, allowing Hamas to take over.

It also came after Hamas was removed from the European Union's (EU) official terrorist organization list last Wednesday due to an alleged "technicality."

In response to the rocket attack last Friday, the IAF struck Gaza concrete factories used to rebuild the terror tunnels leading into Israel and built to attack Israeli civilians. During the operation, the IDF destroyed over 30 such tunnels, but since it ended Hamas has been busily rebuilding them.