Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King, who is the founder and director of the Israel Land Fund (ILF), appeared on Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg Show recently during a trip to America and explained his work at ILF.

"What I've been doing for the last 18 years is redeeming the land of Israel and especially focusing in Jerusalem, and we do that by buying land from Arabs in the so-called Arab neighborhoods - east Jerusalem," explained King.

"The target is to move Jews to live in these places so people like (US President Barack) Obama and like even our Prime Minister (Binyamin) Netanyahu who are thinking maybe to divide Jerusalem - it will be much more difficult for them," he continued.

King revealed that "every day I'm receiving between two to five requests, proposals from Arabs; Arabs are crying to find someone to buy their homes." He noted that racist policies preventing Jews from buying in eastern Jerusalem are harming the Arab owners looking to sell.

In addition to buying properties, ILF also fights to restore Jewish rights to properties purchased by Jews many years ago, during the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate.

"Unfortunately this land that was purchased 100 years ago and more - Arabs squatted on these properties," reports King, detailing how he works to get power of attorney from the legal Jewish owners and have the Arab squatters evacuated via a court order.

King commented that many of ILF's clients buying property in Jerusalem are Jewish Americans who are not Israeli citizens, and that the push by Obama to block Jewish building "is anti-Semitism, there is no other way to declare it and describe it. This is anti-Semitism by the president of the United States."

Jews in New York "who buy land and aren't Israeli citizens and want to build are blocked by Obama," elaborated the Jerusalem councilman.

Remarking on the status of Jerusalem, King stated "Jerusalem is an apartheid city. There are neighborhoods that are judenrein," referencing the Nazi term meaning "clean from Jews."

"There are eight neighborhoods in Jerusalem that are judenrein meaning there are no Jews living there by the decision of the government of Israel," said King, referencing the neighborhoods such as Beit Safafa, Kalandiya and others where the government does not allow Jews to enter, despite them being within the municipal boundaries of the capital.

King has noted that this decision was made since Netanyahu took power in 2009, and recently warned Netanyahu's policies not allowing enforcement against Arab illegal construction along with a freeze on Jewish building will cause a de facto divide of the capital.

Those interested in buying and redeeming land in Israel can visit ILF's site here.