Several nationalist politicians are using YouTube videos to bring their message to the masses, ahead of the March 17, 2015 elections.

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett released a video Tuesday depicting a typical Israeli apologizing for others inconveniencing him, including a waitress who spills coffee on his table, a driver who rear-ends him, and a cyclist who takes the rent-a-cycle he was about to pay for. To lighten up the mood somewhat, he includes a blooper reel, and it should be noted that the scenes themselves represent typical "first world problems" for the urban Israeli. 

Under the slogan "Stop apologizing!", Bennett then emerges from beneath the disguise, urging Israelis to vote in the Jewish Home primaries. It is implied that by voting for Jewish Home, Israelis can make a difference in Israel's own apologetic stance to the international community. 

Likud MK Moshe Feiglin's campaign takes a more direct - and serious - approach, outwardly stating that it is a campaign message in a video entitled "Ani Yehudi," lit. I am a Jew. 

The video shows clips of hundreds of typical Israelis living out their daily lives, at times accompanied by Feiglin, to the eponymous song by Shlock Rock singer Lenny Solomon. 

Feiglin will be running in the upcoming Likud party primaries, against current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu; if elected, a Feiglin-run Likud is expected to win 18 mandates, down from Netanyahu's estimated 20-25.