MK Tzipi Livni
MK Tzipi LivniHadas Parush/Flash 90

Former Justice Minister MK Tzipi Livni was a guest on Saturday night on the satirical television program “Matzav HaUma” (lit. State of the Union), which airs on Channel 2.

Most guests on the show use humor along with the panel of hosts, as is expected on a satirical program, but Livni seemed to take things too far when she went beyond the acceptable norm for a politician in speaking about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who recently fired her from her post.

"Two potential Prime Ministers are better than an impotent Prime Minister,” Livni said of her unity pact with Labor leader MK Yitzhak Herzog.

"Yitzhak and I decided to take out the garbage together," Livni said, hinting at Netanyahu. Host Lior Schlein commented that such a statement would not be accepted if it was uttered by one of the members of the show’s panel.

Livni later stated that during her tenure in Netanyahu's government, she worked hard to curb the personal bills of MK Miri Regev and “all the other crazies”, as she put it.

In the same interview, Livni used a curse word in Arabic when there was a question by the panel on the Arabic language and its status.

Finally, Livni referred to the 0% VAT law which was promoted by MK Yair Lapid and which Netanyahu shelved and said, “The truth is that Bibi said that we’re going to elections because of the 0% VAT. I thought there is a zero in this story, but it’s not the VAT.”