Bank Leumi
Bank LeumiFlash 90

Police arrested two children, ages 12 and 13, who tried to rob a bank in Rishon Lezion Wednesday.

The two children were caught after leaving behind a slew of clues leading police right to them.

The pair walked into a Bank Leumi branch in central Rishon Lezion Wednesday afternoon, brandishing what looked like machine guns, but later turned out to be phony M16 models.

They shouted, in the best tradition of television crime dramas, “hands up - this is a robbery!” They then presented cloth bags to a teller, demanding that she “fill them with money now.”

The teller, not believing what she was seeing, ran to a back room and shouted for help. A dozen bank employees soon gathered around her to find out what was wrong. Seeing that their plot had fallen apart, the failed thieves ran out of the bank.

The suspects were not wearing masks or any other disguises. As a result they were recorded by the bank's security cameras, enabling police to identify them within a short time. They were picked up by police at their homes and taken in for questioning.

Police said they would decide how to charge the culprits after the interrogation.