Arutz Sheva recently got the chance to speak with a lone soldier to the IDF, as he showed up on his draft date for army induction at Jerusalem's Ammunition Hill.

Leo Herman Loeffler made aliyah (immigration) by himself through the Nefesh B'Nefesh organization, and chose to become a lone soldier in the IDF, serving the nation without the support of his family being in Israel.

"This is a long dream coming true finally," Loeffler said of his enlistment, acknowledging "I've had a couple of doubters, especially over the summer with Operation Protective Edge."

However, the concern hasn't dampened his spirits, because according to Loeffler, the definition of his "lone" IDF service is actually a technicality.

"Technically I'm on my own, but technically Israel is my whole family, and everybody here is basically my family," said Loeffler, noting he "will be with other guys going through the same thing."